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Caramelle 001 - Tagliatella

Regular price€69,00 Sale price

Caramelle 001 - Tagliatella

Regular price€69,00 Sale price

About the Tagliatella

This tagliatella is double sided to suit your mood - on one side we have an abstract pattern where i have written caramelle too many times and on the other a cascade of caramelle...

About the Caramelle Inspiration...

This print shows off typical Italian candy that every generation whether it be my grandmother or me recognises. However due to globalization and the trend of lindt, smarties, M&Ms,Hersheys...etc these local italian candies are slowly fading into being a segmented niche; rather than a trademark of every Italian's childhood.

Which caramelle are your favorite? Mine are the Galatine or Rossane...



100% Silk - Made in Italy

Designed in Florence, Made in Como and sown together in Prato.


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