Some culture and Art because that never hurt. Don't start yawning already...I promise I'll be concise and clear, or at least I'll try.

Palazzo Strozzi - always has a new exhibit spanning contemporary artists such as Ai Wei Wei and Jeff Koons to renaissance masters such as Pontormo and Donatello. The sort of museum trip that will take you the right amount of time, versus every other museum in Florence which will leave your brain numb and needing a serious espresso.

Uffizi - Speaking of espresso / brain numbing. Did you know that the Uffizi is the gallery where the most amount of people faint so overwhelmed by beauty. The Uffizi is a must, possibly early in the morning so you can have rooms and paintings to yourself. Here you can see the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the tondo by Michelangelo, the adoration of the Magi by Leonardo, Caravaggio's medusa. Basically most art from the past that is a meme is at the Uffizi.  There are two floors and the beauty never stops. I have gone too many times and still get overwhelmed. Please consider 1/2 a day minimum for this museum.

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo - The history of the Duomo, from the multiple facade propositions to Brunelleschi's genius in imagining how to create the Dome. A place where all the riches and reliefs of the Duomo have been collected and can be seen. 

Palazzo Pitti + Boboli - Palazzo Pitti is the residency / Palazzo and the Boboli are the gardens of the Palazzo. You can book one ticket to see both or just see the Boboli Garden. 

Continue being too overwhelmed by going to visit Palazzo Pitti, the Grand Ducal residence of Cosimo de Medici, it screams power and money just by its sheer size. The Palazzo Pitti has 4 museums within it of which also the costume museum. For any fashion / costume aficionados this place is a gem... My favorite and the must see is the Boboli. 

The Boboli Gardens is a nice break / walk; and can relieve some of the cultural overload you maybe feeling. The Boboli Gardens overlook Florence and is composed of multiple Mazes that make you feel like Alice in Wonderland, fountains, little alleys...gardens within gardens. It is truly dreamy. I often go there just for a nice walk and change of scenery.