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About FouLara

Foulara goes beyond the postcards; it’s about noticing small things not just the monuments but the fruit stalls, the pastries, the candy shops, the artisans and the street signs. It’s a nostalgia for a world which is gradually fading as globalisation is making most cities look like a duty free… 

How it started:

Foulara is about imagining a new made-in-italy that combines avant-garde technology and the tradition of craft. The beginning of this project constituted a series of foulards dubbed foulara.

Where it’s going:

This year Foulara is debuting it’s first ready to wear capsule collection that builds upon its silk know-how and supply chain. The collection is called Foulara Remix.

- NFTS are also coming soon...

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About Lara - the founder

Some fun facts in no particular order...

- My real name is Larissa, I am from Florence, Italy I studied Information science and Fine arts at Cornell. I then worked for a year in VR... I am into tech and the new horizons it is opening but my passion consists of mixing mediums and challenging the viewers expectations.

- My grandfather was Emilio Pucci, he is a massive inspiration to me and you can see so in some of my works.

- My favorite color is yellow

- I love Monet, Luigi Ghirri, David Shrigley, Old Disney, Studio Ghibli, Botticelli, Boetti, Nicholas Party,  Elmgreen & Dragset, Magritte, Andy Warhol and  Aaron Koblin...ok i'll stop...



100% Silk - Made in Italy

Designed in Florence, Made in Como and sown together in Prato.


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