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I'm guessing you're here for a Foulara, Bandana or a Tagliatella...

Hi there,Yass Queen


90 x 90 CM piece of silk, that can be worn in a multitude of ways: top, bandeau, scarf, handbag or even a sling for a broken arm or a tapestry.I'm sold


180x10CM - Part of the Zero Waste Collection. When I print my foularas the fabric i print on is wide 140CM however the foulara itself is wide 90cm. 140-90 = 50cm of silk that would go wasted. The tagliatelle are inserted on the remaing width and ensure that I use all the fabric.Yes Please
I'm proud to present my first collection...

Maledetti Toscani

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Inspired by my hometown, Firenze. It aims to show off not just the architecture but also the holes in the wall and the character of the Florentines.

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