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Tomato Scarf

Regular price€300,00 Sale price

Tomato Scarf

Regular price€300,00 Sale price

Italian lesson n1 : tomato in italian is pomodoro, tomatoes is pomodori...The tomatoes scarf is composed of a series of 3 prints to become a scarf wide 70cm and long 210cm.

About the sketches 

1. A hand drawn sketch by Lara LCP that is distorting itself

2. Tomatoes that fade into a gradient / sauce

3. The original sketch of the pomodori

All prints are limited edition of 79...

100% Made In Italy -210x70cm - Hand Rolled Hem

How to Style:

- Scarf

- Loose Top

- Skirt / Pareo


100% Silk - Made in Italy

Designed in Florence, Made in Como and sown together in Prato.


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